In IDC’s white paper: “The Growth Opportunity for SMB Cloud and Hybrid Business Continuity” (BC), analysts review the shift SMB’s are making from backing up their data on-premise to backing it up in the Cloud. In an effort to mitigate the economic risks of downtime, cut operational costs, and reduce complexity, SMB’s are looking at cloud- based solutions to improve their IT strategies.

Specifically, SMB’s are looking for commercial grade solutions that are:

  • Holistic, providing a range of BC services, from data protection and recovery to archiving/data retention to replication and availability
  • Simple, eliminating infrastructure and operational complexity
  • Cost effective, offering reduced Capex and an economically viable fit with a typical SMB BC budget
  • Cloud enabled, meeting public and/or hybrid cloud deployment requirements and offering offsite data protection and DR and a predictable Opex model

When it comes to Cloud data backup, the more robust features, the better. We’ve outlined how we compare with other solutions below- and will briefly talk through how ElephantDrive is keeping up with SMB’s projected investments by going to market as a comprehensive Cloud solution.

Comparison Chart

ElephantDrive Feature Comparison Table

Economically, a full-service Cloud and syncing solution makes the most sense. Instead of having to separately purchase both a Cloud backup and data syncing program users should have the option of taking advantage of a comprehensive platform that solves their every need. Logistically, this makes accessing your work and important data easier.

The future outlook is clear: “72% of SMBs expect to outlay additional investments in BC over the next 12-24 months…those SMBs without a BC solution will make an investment in the same time period.” We’ve addressed SMB’s demand for a viable Cloud solution by offering a holistic backup solution at an attractive price point. So now, it’s up to SMB’s- will your company be the rule, or the exception?


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