HIPAA and HITECH have put in place specific regulations regarding how Protected Health Information (“PHI”) is to be handled by professionals. In addition to medical professionals, these regulations apply to their partners and subcontractors, requiring them to enter into a Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”).

ElephantDrive provides cloud data storage, backup, sharing, and sync solutions. ElephantDrive provides its clients with software that encrypts their data and transfers it via backup and synchronization in encrypted form to secure storage solutions it owns or rents.

In order to offer the best possible services to its clients, we have taken on the challenge to prepare our own HIPAA-HITECH compliant BAA. This BAA has been tailored both to the unique requirements of HIPAA and HITECH regulations and to the specificities of ElephantDrive’s cloud data services.

Our BAA is available upon request by our users on a Business or Enterprise subscription. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of our Business or Enterprise plan and just email us at support@elephantdrive.com.

For more information on compliance topics, visit our specific FAQ page.

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